IMN Resources Persons

The following members have volunteered to serve as IMN Resource Persons

Dr Pauline Ho

Student Entrepreneurship
& Start-Ups 

Dr Leez

Women Entrepreneurship

Valentino Lee

Sales & Marketing

Choong Yip Yen

Digitalization / Tech Start-Ups

Durai Raj

Design Thinking (Problem Solving) / Humane Entrepreneurship 

Lawrence Tan

Intellectual Property / Legal Advisory for IMN.

Prof. Dr Den

Brand Building for SMEs / Start-Ups

Wayne Lim

Publication @ Malaysia SME/ Micro Financing Model

Dr Baharuddin

Economic Research @ MIER (Malaysian Institute of Economic Research)

Dr Zakaria Taib

Liaison with ICSB / ACSB. Liaison with Government, Govt Agencies and SME Associations.

Prof Dr Ansary

Re-Visiting Business Strategies Pre and Post COVID.

Dr Wendy

Business Modelling and Human Resource Related   

Rumaizon @ rome

Thriving Business: Profit with Purpose 

anuar shariff

Talent Development

Dr Shan

Leadership Coaching

Soo Tyng

Sustainability and Sustainability Reporting 

Dr Mustafa

IR4.0 / IOT/ ICT

Rita Murni

Website Development

Noor Irfan Ibrahim

IMN Quarterly Bulletin

Dr Oliver Ho

Innovation and Strategic Marketing.

Muhammad Fareez

Youth NGOs