Why IMN ?

Research and Development

Network and Influence


Cooperate with the various institutions that are supporting the development of entrepreneurship and small businesses


Organise seminars /  conferences / events to promote free exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field

Participate in international conferences / events / other forums to increase
awareness of the latest developments on entrepreneurship and small business development.


Platform for Business Angels and Venture Capitalists to identify and choose suitable candidates to undertake the projects.


Advocate the formation and growth of SMEs as a mechanism for economic growth and development. 


Liaison with other associations or bodies with similar objectives within Malaysia


Venue for more engagement and match-making between the industry players, the education and research community, and the policy makers.


Platform for players in entrepreneurship and SMEs in Malaysia to meet.


Platform for cooperation and dialogue with other ICSB Chapters.

Proposed Activities For 2021


Collaborate with Research Institutions (eg. MIER) on fundamental issues affecting Entrepreneurship & MSMEs.


Help to enhance Entrepreneurship Education at local universities and institutions.


Promote ICSB membership / affiliation to the local universities and research institutions.


Participate in international conferences to exchange knowledge and experience.


Engage with relevant Agencies (eg. SMECorp. Malaysia) to explore new approach and models to drive entrepreneurship and MSME’s accelerated development.


Organise small events (eg. Breakfast Meet) to foster friendship and promote free exchange of ideas.


Organise talk (F2F or zoom) on current useful topics. Eg. MSME Financing, Digitalization.


Engage with relevant Authorities to discuss pressing issues such as “Ease of Doing Business in Malaysia”.


Encourage greater engagement between Policy Makers, Researchers, Educators and SME Communities.


Organise regular dialogues with ICSB Global Networks in Asia and ASEAN.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions for 2021 via ZOOM

IMN Bulletin

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